REO Introduces Frequency Stabilized Helium-Neon Lasers

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摘要:这些632.8 nm的激光可用1 mW或1.5 mW的输出功率,既可以是在1小时(或约8个小时以上的±2兆赫),或强度超过1分钟稳定到±0.1%±1 MHz的频率稳定的(或±0.2%,超过1小时)。

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REO, a leading manufacturer of high volume precision optical and laser solutions, introduces a new series of stabilized helium neon lasers that offers an unmatched combination of performance, ease of use and reliability. These 632.8 nm lasers are available with either 1 mW or 1.5 mW of output power, and can both be frequency stabilized to ±1 MHz over 1 hour (or ±2 MHz over 8 hours), or intensity stabilized to ±0.1% over 1 minute (or ±0.2% over 1 hour). The operational mode is user selected by a toggle switch on the power supply front panel. Constructed using REO’s ultra-low loss optics and unique, proprietary cavity design, these lasers also demonstrate exceptional ruggedness, long lifetime and insensitivity to ambient temperature shifts. For example, the frequency shift with temperature is typically under 2 MHz/°C.

The high degree of stabilization and long coherence length of these lasers make them an ideal source for a wide variety of applications in metrology, instrumentation, and research. Typical examples include interferometry (particularly in setups with unequal path lengths), distance measurement, profilometry, scatterometry, velocimetry, ellipsometry, and Raman spectroscopy. They are also useful as a reference source in wavelength or frequency measurement applications.

 In addition to standard product, REO also offers custom stabilized HeNe lasers suitable for integration into OEM systems for volume users. This customization can include a wide variety of options in terms of output characteristics and packaging. Typical examples are integration of opto-mechanical components with the laser, and clean room assembly to meet stringent contamination specifications.

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