COHERENT presents its new Structured Light Laser Portfolio at the OPTATEC 2012

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Dieburg, 10.05.2012, Coherent Inc., a pioneer and market leader in laser and laser systems, will continue its expansion within the machine vision market by direct distribution of their own Structured Light product line. With a market presence of over 20 years, Coherent's Structured Light laser technology stands out through its diversity of services. The built-in powell lense and the diffractive optical elements providing line respectively dot matrices structures are all made of high quality glass, thus guaranteeing an excellent intensity distribution. The rugged mechanical design ensures an outstanding beam pointing stability of <10 µRad/ oC. An internal voltage and heat protection plus a potential-free housing ensure an increased lifetime. Thermoelectrically cooled lasers (UV-VIS-NIR) enhance wavelength stability up to 0.25nm/ oC.

New Compact Meterless USB Sensor for Biophonics

Coherent has expanded their PowerMax(TM) -USB/RS series with a new sensitive sensor. Measuring only 5 mm the miniaturized sensor is ideal for applications in biophonics such as Raman spectroscopy and laser microscopy. In addition the new sensor can be applied for laser safety in the field of laser classification. It comes with a compact USB connector, avoiding the need of a separate meter or USB adapter box. Appropriate software and the Labview® drivers are of course free of charge. The software runs on all USB 2.0 computer with Win XP®, VISTA® or Win 7®. The PowerMax® sensor is suitable for measuring laser power from 100 µW to 300 mW anywhere over the 325 nm to 900 nm spectral range. Furthermore it is ideally suited for the measurement of Ti:Sa and modulated lasers with a modulation frequency greater than 100 Hz. Fiber adapter and additional accessories allowing simple measurements even between their optical components as well as optimizing fiber couplings. 


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