JK Lasers ships its first 1kW fiber laser

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JK Lasers has shipped the first of its newly launched 1kW fiber lasers. The JK1000FL is a highly versatile industrial laser, offering many advantages over more traditional solid state lasers at this power level.

For today’s critical manufacturing processes, these benefits include vastly improved energy efficiency. The JK1000FL’s time-sharing capability maximises productivity by eliminating laborious system load and unload times. This is particularly beneficial during the manufacture of large, complex parts where high throughput is needed despite significant jigging and fit-up times.

In addition, its energy-sharing feature can help avoid the distortion of sensitive, high tolerance components by simultaneously welding onto multiple locations on one part. Examples of this include welding lids onto canisters and gears onto shafts.

The JK1000FL can also be used with JK Lasers’ bespoke, field-proven range of process tools, offering ‘plug and play’ capability and back reflection protection.

Dr Mark Richmond, Product Manager for JK Lasers, said: “The JK1000FL is an innovative fiber laser that offers unrivalled levels of power and control for industrial applications.

“Its ability to help accelerate manufacturing processes without compromising quality is a highly desirable feature in today’s competitive marketplace, which is why we have seen strong interest in the JK1000FL from day one.”

The JK1000FL will be on display at Italy’s leading industrial laser exhibition between the 17 and 19 of November 2011. Visit booth A14 (Padiglione 1) at EXPOLaser, Piacenza, Italy, to discover the many ways that the JK1000FL and JK Lasers’ other products can enhance a wide range of industrial processes. 

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