AKELA Releases Multi-Wavelength Laser Diode Modules

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摘要: 领队人的激光复合波模块模块是市场上有最多可配置属性的,使之成为OEM和研发部门的宠儿。它有25功率而长度却在1.2到1.95微米的范围内,这些小元件给从事医疗和工业的客户能够应多种情况,或者仅仅运用一个有着不同波长的激光模件就能使工作更有效率。

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AKELA Releases Multi-Wavelength Laser Diode Modules

Monmouth Junction, NJ, January 17, 2013 — AKELA Laser Corporation is pleased to announce the release of its multi-wavelength laser diode modules in wavelengths from 650nm to 1950nm. The third in a series of high power laser diode module releases, these modules can operate up to five wavelengths plus an aiming beam from a single fiber. The module footprint is designed around standard high-power thermoelectric coolers for convenient integration and incorporates an optional blast shield, fiber sensor/interlock, and the choice of a red or green aiming beam. Future module product releases will include increasingly higher power levels as well as an expanded set of modules with drive electronics.

“AKELA’s multi-wavelength modules are the most configurable on the market, making them ideal for both the OEM and R&D sectors. With powers up to 25W in the 1.2 to 1.95 micron range, these units give medical and industrial customers the ability to treat multiple conditions or combine wavelengths to make their outcomes more effective with a single laser module. This is particularly helpful since so many device manufacturers are moving to a platform or multiapplication approach with their laser systems. In addition, the flexibility AKELA’s multiwavelength modules provide for R&D environments is unmatched,” said Bob Sellers, CEO of AKELA.

The multi-wavelength laser diode modules feature individually addressable emitters, offer power monitors for each wavelength and are available with 100, 200 and 400 micron, 0.22NA fibers. As always, AKELA can modify these modules to meet specific requirements.

About AKELA Laser Corporation
AKELA Laser Corporation is a high power laser diode manufacturer specializing in custom laser assemblies that offer any desired combination of the light source, optics, cooling, and drivers in wavelengths ranging from 635nm to nearly 2 microns. Founded in 2003, AKELA also provides laser drivers and custom laser systems as well as standard laser diode packages in both free space and fiber-coupled configurations. AKELA is located in Monmouth Junction, New Jersey. To learn more about AKELA and its product offerings, please visit
http://www.AKELALaser. com 

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