FemtoFErb 780: turnkey pulses with < 100 fs

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摘要: TOPTICA的新型号 FemtoFErb 780,总控脉冲激光系统, 提供50兆瓦的功率,以产生循环率在100 MHZ ,脉冲宽度小于100 fs的780nm 的中心波长。

关键字:turnkey pulses ,总控激光脉冲

TOPTICA’s new FemtoFErb 780, a turnkey laser system, delivers 50 mW average power at 780 nm center wavelength with a pulse duration of less than 100 fs at a repetition rate of 100 MHz.

Based on polarization-maintaining Erbium-doped fibers and saturable absorber mirror (SAM) mode-locking technology, the all-fiber system features a compact SHG unit and comes with a free-beam output. Combining optics with the entire control electronics on a footprint of only 202 x 122 x 69 mm3 makes the FemtoFErb 780 the most compact fs-fiber laser commercially available. A perfect match for the requirements of timedomain terahertz, the FemtoFErb 780 also provides an ideal seeding source for Ti:Sapphire systems. In addition, this cost-effective replacement for bulky solid-state lasers suits various applications in biophotonics, ranging from SHG microscopy to multi-photon excitation.

Fiber technology ensures a very compact design as well as highest robustness against vibrations and mechanical shocks. Telecomqualified components guarantee round-the-clock reliability and a long lifetime. And finally, its passive SAM device ensures reliable selfstarting and mode-locking.

A plug&play system for both OEM integrators and single-unit customers, the FemtoFErb provides an electrical interface for remote control and only requires a 12 V supply to drive all internal electronics. An optional SwitchBox provides all switches, supplies and status lines needed to run the laser as a stand-alone system without integration environment.

Visit us at the TOPTICA booth (8)623 at San Francisco's upcoming BiOS/Photonics West show.

Key Features
• Center wavelength 780 nm
• Pulse duration < 100 fs
• Output power > 50 mW
• Truly turnkey operation
• Free-beam output
• Saturable-absorber mirror technology
• Compact footprint (202 x 122 x 69 mm3)
• All necessary control electronics inside
• USB interface (optional)Telcordia-proven components
• State of the art fiber-technology: robust and reliable all-fiber setup

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