iBeam smart WS – wavelength stabilized diode laser

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摘要: 新的智能工字钢WS:用易掌控的波长促成的稳定,简洁的OEM二极管激光器,使其成功集成到智能平台—TOPTICA工字钢。这个智能工字钢WS 合并线宽极窄并有着高光束质量、低功耗和高稳健性。

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iBeam smart WS – wavelength stabilized diode laser

The new iBeam smart WS, a compact OEM diode laser, features reliable wavelength stabilized laser diodes integrated into TOPTICA's successful iBeam smart platform. The iBeam smart WS merges an extremely narrow linewidth with high beam quality, low power consumption and a high robustness. Furthermore, the iBeam smart WS also offers an ultra-compact footprint and the known ease-of-use of a diode laser.

This unique combination of laser parameters meets the requirements of applications that require high-coherence lasers, such as high-resolution Raman microscopy / spectroscopy, interferometry, holography, and gas sensing.

The innovative design of the iBeam smart WS ensures unmatched wavelength stability. Instabilities due to vibrations or ambient temperature drifts now belong to the past. The system easily maintains its outstanding performance even under harsh environmental conditions. Active thermal stabilization of the laser diode ensures constant lasing conditions and an excellent beam-pointing stability.

The compact OEM diode laser with integrated μ-processor based electronics makes system integration a snap. Users can set and control all laser parameters via the RS 232 interface, making this flexible hands-off laser system simply the best choice for OEM integration.

Key Features
• Wavelength stabilized diode laser

• High power:
120 mW @ 785 nm; 45 mW @ 685 nm; 20 mW @ 638 nm

• Narrow linewidth
< 50 MHz @ 785nm, 685 nm; < 300 MHz @ 638 nm

• Fully computer controlled

• Perfect choice for Raman applications

• Perfectly suited for demanding interferometric applications
• Ultra compact design: 100x40x40 mm^3

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